What to expect when working with Sygma Technology on your application development

The best app developers have a global picture in mind and are acutely aware of the rapid pace of change in the technology industry. It’s one thing to develop software, and it’s quite another to stay abreast of recent technological trends and stay current with best practices. To understand how Sygma Technology is uniquely positioned to build either your mobile or software application, think of us in the following way:

We are not simply an app development agency. We can also operate as your company’s outsourced CTO.

Because of our extensive experience in building enterprise level software, we differentiate ourselves through the sheer weight of our experience in larger scale tech projects. We are therefore able to offer app and software development help that goes beyond simply writing code—and into providing technical advisory services to your team.

If our foray into becoming a mobile app development agency has taught us anything, it’s that many app development companies offer core services without sufficient insight into key concepts such as sustainable growth, high availability, security, and scalability. If you want to see success in app or software development, it’s important that you (and your developer) be fully cognizant of these issues.

If you are serious about finding the best developers out there, select someone who can be your technological partner, rather than a developer that can simply tick off the box for getting the job done quickly.

Why don’t we start off by offering you our first piece of advice:

How to hire a mobile or software application developer

At the heart of finding the right mobile app developer is the question of the scope of work you would like them to take on. Loosely speaking, this can be divided into three categories:

1. Full Service

This is, as the name suggests, the premier package. With this option, your mobile app development agency will take you from idea to implementation to post-launch maintenance and scaling. In this instance, your development partner will help you construct a technology road map, review your platform needs (e.g. for mobile development, whether you should opt for an android app developer, an iPhone/ios app developer, or both) and stay on top of every technological element needed to make your app work. They will essentially become your partner and will be with you every step of the way. If you are new to the world of tech and would like to ensure the success of your project and save yourself headaches (and money) down the line, this should be the option you go with.

2. Implementation

If you have already done your scoping work and are fully aware of the needs of your project, you can bring a developer on board for the purposes of implementing your plan. In this category, you will be looking for app development help in the areas of design and development. You need engineers who can adequately carry out the plans you have created.

(One word of caution about this phase—it is important to be honest with yourself about whether you have indeed reached this particular stage. You must have constructed a proper wireframe and ideally have already created a prototype. If you have not done so, you may be better off with opting for an end-to-end service.)

3. Maintenance and re-design

Here, you already have an app that works to some degree. In this phase of your project, you need development help with debugging, adding new features, and expanding your capabilities and audience. This can be a tricky phase for a mobile application or software development agency to take over from as they need to fit into the structure that has been created before their intervention, or they may find some deficiencies with the existing code and need to perform some degree of rework. You have to ensure that whomever you choose for the task has a broad understanding of software frameworks and how to “dive in” at any point.

So how does Sygma Technology fit into this picture?

Sygma Technology as a Development Agency...But More

Because of our experience in multiple areas of software development, from enterprise level operations to mobile applications, we are able to slot into any of the aforementioned categories.

Wherever you find yourself in terms of the development process, it is important to find a development agency that will help you see the bigger picture—essentially more of a technical advisor than a hired gun.

At its most distilled level, there are two ways to look at how you can make Sygma Technology your technical partner, each of which could be more or less applicable to you depending on what you already have in place.

1. Become your Outsourced Technology Team

We have the technological capabilities as well as the project management experience to jump in at any point in your process. We conceive of, design, and develop software with scalability and “future-proofing”  in mind, understanding that this should not be thrown in as an afterthought. We integrate robust testing into each phase of development and know how to code in ways that prioritize efficiency throughout the pipeline.

2. Offer Development Help

Alternatively, we can operate as a bridge between you and an external development team. Operating in a role akin to being your outsourced CTO, we will advise you on all areas of the technical elements of your company.  We have successfully worked with several Fortune 100 financial services companies on large enterprise system integrations and legacy system modernization projects and have also functioned as the CTO or development manager for smaller companies and startups.

(For more information, have a look at some of our case studies here.)

So, in answer to the question of:

How Sygma Technology is Uniquely Positioned to Build Your Mobile Application or Develop Your Software Application

We are happy to take on the role that you need us to, whether advisor, implementer or both.

We’d like to offer you:

- The wisdom that only comes with extensive experience in various facets of technological development

- The kind of technical prowess that cannot be learned overnight

- The project management capabilities that will make working with us a more than pleasant experience.

Don’t gamble with your best ideas. Make sure you get them into the hands of a development agency that is able to at the very least actualize them and at the very most elevate them to something you never thought possible.

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