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3 Ways to Find App Developers

Posted by Sygma Technology on Mar 14, 2019
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One of the greatest curses of contemporary existence is the scourge of infinite choice. While counter-intuitive to some, the sheer availability of options open to us in the globalized landscape of digital entrepreneurship can sometimes overwhelm to the point of immobility. Finding app developers, when you are no longer limited by geography or even restricted by cost, can feel like a task too immense to take on. The good news is, it’s doable. We’re going to take you through the 3 ways to find app developers that will leave you confident you have made the right choice.


3 Ways to Find App Developers


We’ve seen it all too often—good ideas that get stopped in their tracks because their originators were uncertain how to find an app developer who was dependable, experienced, and had the communication skills necessary for the app development journey. Particularly if you do not have a background in tech, knowing where to find app developers that gel with your company and project is not simply a matter of googling “App Builders for Hire” and hoping for the best. The reality is your app builder will form such an integral part of the success of your project that you have to ensure that you hire in a manner that will make you rest easy.


Before we dive into the ways to find app developers, it’s important that you start your journey on the right foot by narrowing down your own search criteria. Some key decisions to make are:


  • Would you prefer offshore or local app developers? We outline the specifics of how to make this choice here

  • What is the scope of your project? How far are you on your journey? Do you need a developer to take you from end-to-end, or are you looking for someone to rewrite one piece of code?

  • Do you want to work with an individual freelancer or a software development company? Remember that the latter comes with an established workflow, highly competent and specialized resources, and is more than likely the better bet if you are a non-technical founder.


Once you are certain of your own criteria, it’s time to move on to how to contact app developers that will be appropriate for your needs:


1. Extended networks


Because we are more connected than ever, our networks extend in directions both material and virtual.


We’ll start with the material. Never underestimate the power of knowing a guy who knows a guy. That concept is often at the heart of many a successful project. Talk to friends and family about what you are aiming to achieve and allow true organic reach to take hold. The beauty of finding app developers this way is that they come pre-vetted by those you trust most.


And now onto the virtual. There are various ways to reach out to networks of the right people—but be warned: Do not get sucked down the rabbit hole. Everyone is trying to sell their wares. Make sure that your needs are well-defined and that you have narrowed down the kind of partner you would like to have.


And then visit:


a. Professional platforms like LinkedIn and These platforms are both excellent methods for finding and contacting app developers. It’s our contemporary equivalent of the phone book—but with comprehensive information about the companies, reviews of past work, and insight into who, exactly, is behind a company name.


b. Online communities like GitHub allow you to access all the right people in one place and manage collaboration between you and your developer as your project grows.


2. Colleagues


Seek out other non-competitive founders who have been through the experience you are going through. Ask them their advice on how to hire a programmer to make an app that will make your concept a reality. While we may have made great strides as a species in terms of technological advancement, we are yet to invent anything better than a smart recommendation.


Of course, the first step is identifying who these colleagues are. Narrow down a list of companies that you admire, take the plunge, and reach out. Ask them about their development journey, what worked, and what they would have done differently when it came to finding app developers.


3. Freelance outlets


If you are looking for freelance app builders for hire, the internet has made this search perhaps way too possible for you. Freelance platforms have become a global marketplace for those looking to buy and sell technological skills.


We must warn you, though—this option comes with a history of disaster stories where communication and cultural barriers, lack of technical expertise, and unmet deadlines have stalled projects and cost founders unbudgeted finances. Of course, there are also many examples of people who have been able to find app builders for hire that gelled with their project.  There’s more risk in hiring a freelance developer, and you may have to invest more of your own personal time to ensure the success of your endeavor.


If you would like to go this route, we would suggest you go with platforms that pre-vet their developers, such as Toptal, Gigster, and X-team.


Good luck with finding app developers for your project!


This is an enthralling phase of any project as you start to figure out exactly what is needed and who is best to accomplish it for you. Ensure that you narrow down your specific needs so you can make a decision that suits the prerequisites of what you are trying to accomplish. This is not a one-size-fits-all process, so it’s vital to find a software development company that will grow with, and adapt to your needs.


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